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News Release: Odu-Dua legal fight ends

Odu-Dua Housing Association is pleased to announce that its legal battle with former CEO, Lara Oyedele, is over.

In a High Court Appeal judgement of 3rd July 2014, Ms Oyedele’s application for permission to appeal was refused and described as being wholly without merit. The decision to refuse is final and not subject to review or further appeal.

This follows the original Court Judgement of February 20th 2014 in which the organisation’s decision to suspend and subsequently dismiss Lara Oyedele for gross misconduct was upheld with Odu-Dua awarded costs and damages and a subsequent employment claim which was struck out at preliminary hearing on  19th May 2014 at Watford Employment Tribunal.

“The Board of Odu-Dua is satisfied that the right outcome has been reached. We would like to place on record our thanks for the support we have received from our professional partners and particularly the scrutiny and advice of the HCA with whom we have maintained an open dialogue throughout the period. The organisation can now focus on recovering costs from Ms Oyedele and the other defendants to ensure that not a single penny of tenants’ rent is wasted because of the reckless actions of one former employee and her supporters and so that we can move on as an organisation and put this matter behind us for once and for all.”

Sandra Brown, Chair

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