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Summer Play Scheme: Lithos Road only

ID-10018634A summer play will start on Monday 4 August 2014. For three days a week there will be activities for children of all ages. We would like parents to be actively involved in putting on the programme. All activities are for tenants on Lithos Road only.

The programme will run on a Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.  All participants should come prepared for your chosen activities, with suitable footwear and clothing for indoor and outdoor activities. Children are expected to bring a drink and a pack lunch.

Taster days

Activities will include Arts and Crafts, football, community days, dress up days please come by. There will also be taster days in Construction, Beauty and IT. Please note the taster days are for tenants and children 16+. These taster days are first come first serve and there’s limited  availability.

  • IT training course – Tuesday 19 August 2014
  • Construction tester days – Thursday 21 and Friday 22 August 2014
  • Health and Beauty Course – Thursday 28 August 2014


Please note: All activities by nature have inherent risks and dangers. By participating in these activities you are exposing yourself to some risks.  We will manage and reduce risks in all activities however risks and dangers will never disappear. We will not be providing personal accident and belongings insurance.