If you decide to leave your home, you must tell us, in writing, four weeks in advance. We will contact you to arrange the handover of your keys. If you do not return your keys, you may be charged for replacement locks.

During the four-week notice period, we will carry out an inspection and you may be asked to give access to prospective tenants who want to view the property, or to contractors to do some work.

When you are leaving, you must:

  • pay any rent you owe
  • complete any repairs that are your responsibility
  • clean and tidy the property – and any shed or garage you have
  • take everything with you – we will charge you if we have to clear the property, and
  • not leave someone living there.

Don’t forget to tell your gas, electricity, phone and water companies that you are leaving – but don’t get supplies disconnected. Remember to tell the council and your benefits office your new address.

Please be aware that if you do not end your tenancy properly, we will trace you at your new address to pass on our costs.

If you have been our tenant for at least 12 months and you would like to apply for a transfer, please contact our office to be added to our list. We do not normally accept applications from people who have broken their tenancy agreement.

You can also apply to join your council’s Housing Register. They will assess your needs and give you advice about your options.

An alternative to a transfer is an exchange with another tenant. When you exchange, you simply swap homes and tenancies with another council or housing association social housing tenant.

Bear in mind that if you swap with someone with a fixed-term tenancy, you would only have security of tenure for the remaining years of their tenancy.

Odu-Dua is a member of Homeswapper, which means our tenants can register with this national online matching service for free. 

When you have found a swap partner, you need our permission in writing before going ahead. We will not withhold permission unreasonably, but we may say no if you or your exchange partner:

  • are in rent arrears
  • have received a court order for a breach of tenancy, or
  • if the home you are leaving is too big or too small for the person or family you intend to exchange with.

When you exchange with another tenant, you ‘assign’ your tenancy to them. A tenancy can only be ‘assigned’ once.