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Moving Home

How can I get a transfer to another property?

All Odu-Dua tenants can apply for an internal transfer within Odu-Dua. This means you can swap your home with another Odu-Dua tenant. In addition, you may be eligible for an empty property when one becomes available. However, please be aware that due to the limited homes available the priority for a move will be dependent on a range of factors including medical, overcrowding etc. For more information please contact the housing officer on 020 7625 1799. Please click here for a Mutual Exchange Application form.

Can I only swap my property with an Odu-Dua tenant?

No, tenants have the right to a Mutual Exchange with tenants of other Housing Associations or Council tenants. Odu-Dua is now registered with HomeSwapper, with which you can find more exchange possibilities.  Find more details about HomeSwapper on ‘Want to move home? Why not try HomeSwapper?‘. Please be aware that both landlords have to agree to the exchange before it can go ahead. In most cases, we will not accept a home swap for tenants with rent arrears.

What should I do if I want to end my tenancy with Odu-Dua?

If you want to end your tenancy you must give us at least four weeks notice in writing. The termination date must be a Monday. If you don’t give us four weeks notice we can ask you to pay an amount up to four weeks rent.

Before you move out you must ensure that you leave the flat and garden in a clean and tidy condition and that all furniture and belongings have been cleared out. If you have any unwanted items you must arrange for the council to collect them before you go. Contact the Housing Officer for more information.

Call the office to request a Tenancy Termination Form.

Can I buy the property I currently live in?

No, at present we do not operate the Right to Buy or Right to Acquire schemes. But it is something we may consider in the future.

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