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Rent-Service Charges

How much is my monthly rent payable?

For example if your rent is £128.09 per week your monthly rent payable per calendar month would be as follows: £128.09 (per week) * (52 weeks in the year) divided by 12 (months). Calculated as £128.09 * 52 / 12 = £555.10 payable every month.

Where and when do I pay my rent?

Your tenancy states that your rent is due in advance on the Monday of each week.

Rental payments can be made at any Lloyds TSB bank using a paying-in book issued to you by the office. Alternatively, you may wish to pay by monthly Standing Order. Please contact your Housing Officer for assistance on the most suitable option for you.

What happens if I don’t pay my rent?

If your rent account falls into arrears, this could lead to legal action being taken against you, possibly resulting in eviction.

We will advise you on what help is available and try to come to an arrangement with you to pay the rent and clear the arrears. Don’t be afraid to talk to us.

Will my rent change during my tenancy?

Yes, tenants normally receive an annual increase in April of every year. We charge affordable rents, which are increased in accordance with government guidelines. You will be given one calendar month’s written notice of any change.

What should I do if I have lost my job and can’t pay my rent?

You may be able to get Housing Benefit towards some or all of your rent. To claim Housing Benefit you must fill in a claim form. You can get one from your local council Housing Benefit office. If you need any help getting and/or filling in the form then the Odu-Dua Housing Officer would be happy to help.

See the ‘Useful Links’ page on this website to get a direct link to your local authority.

If you want to know a rough estimate of your Housing Benefit eligibility before making a claim then use the benefits calculator on the City of Westminster website. This will give you an estimate of your Housing Benefit entitlement.

If Housing Benefit pays my rent to Odu-Dua why do I need to contact them?

You are responsible for paying your rent irrespective of Housing Benefit. You must therefore ensure that any discrepancies identified by the Housing Benefit office are promptly resolved by you. Failure to cooperate with the Housing Benefit office within the specified time could result in your Housing Benefit being suspended and or cancelled. This could lead to your rent account falling into arrears. We will take court action against those tenants who fail to cooperate with the Housing Benefit office resulting in their rent account falling into arrears.

How will I be able to check my rent account?

  • Every month we send you a rent statement of all transaction from the previous month by post. Please let us know if you prefer the statement to be sent to you by email.
  • You can phone or visit the Odu-Dua office, during working hours, to get an up-to-date rent statement.
  • You can send a message on ‘Rent Queries’. We will get back to you shortly.

What are service charges?

These are the charges separate from rent which are used to cover things in communal areas such as lighting and cleaning. Not all tenants pay a service charge, if you have a shared communal area it is very likely that you pay service charges.

Does my Housing Benefit pay for my service charges?

If the service/s being carried out are used by or are beneficial to all tenants in your property then your Housing Benefit will pay for your service charge i.e. removal of bulky rubbish. However, if the service is only used and beneficial by you it will be your responsibility to pay the money into your rent account i.e. if we pay your heating or hot water bill.

How often does the service charge change?

The service charge will change once a year in April. You will be given one calendar month’s written notice of any change.