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Other FAQs

Can I keep pets?

Your Tenancy Agreement clearly states that you must obtain the Associations permission in writing before keeping a pet in your home, even if it is only for a short while. Permission will not unreasonably be refused and may be withdrawn at any time, if the pet causes a nuisance or annoyance to neighbours. Registered assistance dogs will automatically receive consent.

Can I carry out home improvements?

Generally yes. If you are carrying out minor work such as; putting up shelves or decorating then written consent is not required. However, if you plan to carry out major work, such as; double glazing, a new bathroom etc you will need written permission from us.

How do we take referrals?

We only accept referrals from the local councils where we operate. These include Camden, Brent, Barnet and Hillingdon.

Councils will normally have information about how to apply to general needs accommodation on their websites. In some cases, councils operate a waiting list which is organised according to need. When a property becomes available, the council will offer it to the applicant with the most priority, who has been waiting the longest and whose needs are most appropriate for the vacant property. Factors such as the size of the property and the area in which it is located will be taken into account.

To apply social housing within your councils, please visit ‘Useful Links‘.