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Satisfaction Surveys


STATUS Survey 2008/09

In November 2008, Kwest Research was commissioned by Odu-Dua Housing Association to carry out an independent and confidential survey of its tenants.

The main aims of the research can be summarised as follows:

  • To obtain information on levels of satisfaction with key areas of service and to identify areas for review and improvement
  • To benchmark performance against that of other housing providers surveyed by Kwest
  • To gather demographic information about the tenant population

Our proudest achievement in 2008/09 was the positive feedback from tenants in our status survey. Our scores were above average compared to other London housing associations. We particularly excelled in communications and customer services. More specifically:

  • 84% of tenants described staff as helpful.
  • 83% rated Odu-Dua good at keeping them informed of things which may affect them.
  • 82% expressed overall satisfaction with their area as a place to live.
  • 68% of tenants articulated overall satisfaction with repairs service.

You can download a copy of the STATUS Survey Report here.